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Free Resources of Stream Videos

This is a list of websites where you can download free movies, music, songs, films, etc.
Videos from the following website are streaming videos. So you need to capture steaming videos. Here is a simple guide to get videos from these video sites. (youtube video to ipod guide).
The most downloaded stream videos will probably be in .flv format, if you want to put the flv video to iPod, iPhone, PSP,Sandisk, Pocket PC, PowerPoint, Zune, Cell phone, Creative Zen, PDA, Archos, iRiver, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3 and other MP4 player, you can have a try this all-in-one youtube downloader/player/converter.

http://youtube.com - free video download, everyone can watch videos on YouTube. People can see first-hand accounts of current events, find videos about their hobbies and interests, and discover the quirky and unusual. As more people capture special moments on video, YouTube is empowering them to become the broadcasters of tomorrow.

http://www.5min.com - 5min is a place to find short video solutions for practical questions and a place for people to share their knowledge. download free video, free music download.

http://13gb.com - Each and every day our youthful and engaged audience contributes to 13gb.com by submitting links, content, and ratings. The result is a massive accumulation of links, videos, pictures and games for your pleasure.

http://www.bolt.com - With all the excitement about file sharing, blogging, camera phones, social networks, video ipods, a place where you could store, organize and share all the media you create in the course of your digital life.

http://www.dailyhaha.com/ - Funny Videos download, Funny Pictures, Flash Games, SoundboardsYour Daily Dose of Laughs !

http://www.collegehumor.com/ - share all of the pictures, videos, and links their friends would IM and e-mail each other. free video and songs download.

http://www.dekhona.com/ - Here, people share personal free videos, MMS clips, mobile phone videos, celebrity clips and snippets of your favorite personal clips.

http://www.fancast.com - With Fancast, you can watch the hits CSI: Miami, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, and plenty of other full-length TV series. You can also check out the latest movie trailers, clips, photos, news and reviews. And you can search for any movie and TV-related info you absolutely need at that moment.

http://www.expotv.com - xpoTV features thousands of Videopinions reviews - short, unbiased, consumer videos of products and services. download free films and songs.

http://www.flicklife - FlickLife provides a system for sharing videos, meeting new people and helping you make money from your videos. free video download.

http://gooclip.net/YouTubeMovies - is a public media website for people to watch and share original videos worldwide.

http://helpfulvideo.com - helpfulvideo.com is a website to share videos about everyday knowledge and skills among everyday people.free video download.

http://www.shockinghumor.com/ - Shocking,Stupid Videos and Pictures,Games,Funny Soundboards,Jokes,And great Music Videos.

http://showmedo.com - A place where knowledgeable people could share their knowledge via video and things have kept on growing since then.free video tutorial.

http://photobucket.com - Photobucket is the most popular site on the Internet for uploading, sharing, linking and finding photos, videos, and graphics. Your free Photobucket account can store thousands of photos and hours of video.

http://stupidvideos.us/ - Free video resource. Bunch of stupid videos, blooper videos, extreme videos, fight videos and funny videos,free music and film download.

http://www.zanyvideos.com - funny videos, stupid videos,cool videos, extreme videos, caught on tape, celebrity videos,police videos commercial/ads, cartoon clips, shocking videos.

http://www.youtunes.com - YouTunes is a free website where you can upload your music tunes, videos and download free movies, music.free video download.

http://zshare.net/ - With zSHARE you can share and download files, images, videos, audio and flash for free.

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